Strategy + Identity + UI/UX

We were excited to work with Cache Invest, a revolutionary investment platform designed to provide freedom, power, and confidence to modern investors by enabling access to investments via debit cards or electronic funds, bypassing the need for traditional banks. Our task was to research and build a brand strategy that would effectively introduce Cache Invest into the marketplace.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of a cache as a hidden place to store items for future use, we built the brand identity around the symbolic power of the digital fingerprint, which represents control, individuality, and security. Our team successfully crafted a unique and distinct brand identity, seamlessly integrating it into the digital experience for the platform.

In addition to the brand identity, we delivered guidelines for developers, messaging for communications, marketing collateral and creative advertising solutions, UI/UX design for their website and phone app that reflects the core attributes of the brand, and product design for their debit cards.

The result of our collaboration was a compelling and differentiated brand that effectively communicated Cache Invest’s innovative approach to investments, resonating with its target audience and positioning it as a trailblazer in the financial marketplace.