Strategy + Identity

In the boundless realm of the great outdoors, every adventurer seeks a companion to navigate the unknown. This is the cornerstone upon which Rippls was conceptualised and brought to life. Our collaboration with Rippls not only entailed positioning and defining the service but also meticulously crafting its brand identity to resonate with the thrill-seekers it aims to serve. From an idea to an app that now fuels the spirit of adventure for its growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Rippls is an innovative mobile application dedicated to enhancing the outdoor experiences of its users. Through Rippls, individuals find the ideal gear, learn new outdoor skills, and connect with a community of like-minded adventurers. It transcends being merely an app, emerging as a trusted companion for those yearning for the thrill of exploration.

The dual challenge was to meticulously define and position Rippls in a competitive market while creating a compelling brand identity that encapsulates its core ethos – adventure, community, sustainability, and continuous learning.

The result is a thriving platform that not only empowers individuals to explore the great outdoors but also fosters a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community. The brand identity we created for Rippls has not only garnered a strong user base but has also significantly contributed to building a culture that celebrates the joy of outdoor adventures.

Our journey with Rippls exemplifies the power of strategic positioning, a well-crafted brand identity, and the profound impact it can have on community-building and user engagement. Through this project, we’ve not only facilitated outdoor adventures but also nurtured a culture that cherishes learning, community, and the sustainable spirit of exploration.